Replay mode severely lowering quality of livery

Hey there, I’ve been noticing this for a while, in replay mode, the quality of all liveries is severely reduced. However, in normal online flight, all livery qualities are in perfect shape. It’s quite frustrating when you’re trying to take screenshots, and I’m not sure what to do about it. Any help?

^ above photo taken in game

^ this photo taken in replay mode
Notice the difference?

Device specs:
iPad 8th Generation
32 GB

Infinite flight specs:
Rendering quality: high
Texture quality: High
Anti aliasing: ON
3D object density: High
FPS: 60

Any suggestions?

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That’s weird

Another example, look at the southwest text.

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That’s a replay, I have same issues

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Weird, hopefully there’s a solution, because it makes it nearly impossible to take any good screenshots of this game when replay lowers the quality so much

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You can use the camera button at the bottom right of the replay for HD
I’ve used to to screenshot 2 photos and they look better than using your typically ipad screenshot

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All my photos are taken with the built in screenshot function in replay mode, so it’s not that. Thanks anyways though.

Maybe play around with the graphics?
The screenshot I took was a view of an airport and the reason why I said it was better is because the quality isn’t all pixels

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This was taken in replay mode, no issues, it seems to be a random thing, it’s quite annoying though. It makes it hard to consistently take sceeenshots.

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Just going to bump this as there an official answer hasn’t really been stated yet.

I am experiencing the same problem too… but what i do is, zoom the camera to the part you want to be captured.

Because for some reason, moving away from that specific part makes the textures look low.

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I have also experienced this, but for what I’ve seen, the liveries vary between each user. I have this problem with Delta and Qantas in the B738

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So strange, well I’m glad to know others have the same problem. Is there anyone who can confirm if this is a bug, or a feature? If it’s a bug, how soon does it intended to be fixed?

There might be a level-of-detail issue going on.

Ok, so something else I discovered.

In this recent scenario it’s only the Asiana A359. Not any other Asiana aircraft, as shown here. Compare the 747 and the A350.

To add to this, these photos were taken in 21.1 fresh after release. Look at the livery, no problems! This seems to be a recent thing, at least for the Asiana livery.

On side note, this isn’t device related, I tried on another device and got the same issues, this is something related to the client itself.

Hey, at the very bottom of the “general” settings

There’s a button for the screenshot resolution scale

You can check that in your settings, not sure if it makes much of a difference

32gb internal storage or RAM? RAM would be incredible?


This is somewhat intended for the time being.
Other aircraft than your own will always show at one step lower ‘texture quality’ than your own.

Depending on the model, it may or may not be quite noticeable since some models have lower texture resolution by default. On more recently developed or reworked models, it will be much less noticeable since the 3D model of those aircraft allows us to use a higher resolution on the textures while on older ones like the 737, it’ll not be as good.

The only thing I’m not 100% sure of here, is whether or not your own aircraft is interpreted as “another” aircraft in replay and the texture quality is therefore one step lower.

Textures handling is something that we’re working on with Project Metal.

Many of us are currently in vacation mode this week so therefore replies from staff in general might be a bit delayed unless it’s operationally critical.


Alright, thanks for the response, good to know, thank you. Enjoy your vacations! 🙂

To answer your question, in the first A350 image I made, I was viewing my own aircraft, so the game was taking it as someone else’s even though it was mine. However in the final one I posted above, I was the 747, so what you said made sense in that it lowers other aircrafts qualities a bit.

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