Replay mode prob

So i did this 13 hour long flight but it doesn’t seem to past a certain part.

Did you disconnect during the flight? If you did, the replay file will stop recording because you disconnected from the server for a prolonged time. Did you close out of the app or did a notification pop up that may have caused this?

Also, a discontinuity of 11856705680 seconds is quite a long time, 376 years approximately (how)


I went out of the app for like a few mins to copy my flight plan from simbrief and look at the a380 takeoff charts. I don’t think it was more than a couple of mins

I think that is the problem. You can only leave for around 1-2 mins before you fully get disconnected from the server and the replay file stops recording.

Perhaps consider re-entering the app every 15-30 seconds after you leave the app so that you don’t get disconnected.

Ok thanks I didn’t know that before. I got scared I got like a violation or smh. Anyways happy flying 🙂

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Thanks! Happy flying to you too!

What is ur current app version @Mehedi_Hasan2?

I had the exact same issue today. Also took off from OMDB yesterday , and landed normally in the estimated flight time, but when I went to check the replay file it looked like the screenshot that is above. I don’t think being disconnected for an elongated period of time had to with the bug, because the last time my internet cut off, the replay still worked, it just cut stopped at the time of disconnection. Is there any way the replay will be fixed? Kinda worried about doing another flight if the issue persists.

Umm the latest version. I don’t see any update option

Could you check what is the version you are on.

Great the same thing happened flight from London to Singapore. The airspace was really crowded maybe that’s the reason

Did you complete the flight? Did you notice a red exclamation triangle on the top right at any point during the flight?

It was yellow for about not red

  • Check to make sure you have the latest version of Infinite Flight
  • Check if you have a good amount of device storage remaining, as a low amount could prevent replays being saved
  • Check if it is an internet problem and that you aren’t disconnecting
  • Does the problem relate to this problem?

As a last-ditch effort, try deleting and reinstalling the app (note that you will lose all replays).
If none of these work, the replays could be corrupting for whatever reason, which I can’t fix. (Could be fixed in a new update?)

lol I did all of these and I did a flight from lax to Seoul but it’s like this. lol I’m pissed I was gonna make a Timelapse but nope it’s not happening😢

It seems like this is now an issue known by the devs and it seems to be caused by the system attempting to fix files but it’s not working as it should. They’re working to fix it!

It used to happen to some replays but now it’s in everything single replay. Hope this gets fixed soon

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