Replay Mode Lag/ Stuttering

Keep finding that in replay mode I get quite a bit of Lag/stutters when the aircraft is touching down on the runway, often appearing a lot more violent and sudden than as actually happened live in-flight. Just wanted to find out if this is a bug/problem or just the current stage in which the replay mode is at.

Did you try changing the graphic settings to “good” or “best”?

What device are you running at? Is this problem also occurring in live too?

Yep, I have also experienced this. I think it is just an overall issue with live replay. Hopefully it can be fixed soon.

iPad Pro 2018 and only happens on replay mode.

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I know what you mean it doesn’t just happen in the runway while your flying with someone it’s even worse I don’t think there’s any solution for it it’s probbaly because of your WiFi or internet or DATA

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