Replay Mode Issue


So, I noticed when I went into replay mode. Some strange thing happened. Everything looked like it was shrunken. I’ve never had issue in the past.

Device Remarks

IPad 9.7
IOS 14.4.2

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Did you try exiting out and trying it again?

Maybe updating your iOS will help?

I had this problem yesterday

I did and yes. It worked. I created this just to let the IF Staff team know that this is a bug

My device storage can’t hold IOS 15 as it needs more storage. But I’ll see if I can update to IOS 15?

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I don’t think it would be iOS 15 since I’m still on iOS 14.2.2, but it could just be a visual glitch.

Hey there!

First of all :

  • Clear Cache?
  • Delete ist and redownload it ?
  • I would update your iPad. Try to buy an iCloud sub for cheap price to get more place on your iPad. Basically try to update it.
  • How many storage do you still have?

this bug is not something unique to IOS, as it happened on my android device

Has nothing to do with the problem.

Only a last resort.

Doesn’t seem like a storage issue at all.

Able to repro on iPad Air 3 running iPadOS 15.


Ok. Do what U want. And yes clear cache has something to do with it


My GF has an iPad Air 2 and I downloaded her iOS 15… So I think iPad Air 3 should definitely have one.

He’s letting devs who are looking into this know on his device, with this OS system, he’s having this problem. Nothing towards you…


You can configure the iPads with different storage options, so they probably went with a lower storage option to lower the price or they simply didn’t think they’d need a whole ton of storage.

Oh ok. I’m sorry.

Just wanted to help.

Thanks !

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