Replay mode Issue with planes

I don’t know if this is just me or it’s for everyone but as I’m trying to make a video and replay my flights my plane when it’s cruising and moving on replay mode when I’m following it with my fingers it keeps like lagging or idk if it’s lag I don’t think it’s lag but like it goes back and forth back and forth I don’t know how to explain it sorry for my bad English but here keep replaying it and you see what I mean the plane keeps going backwards and going constantly it won’t go straight like smoothly (sorry for my English)

(video Won’t upload)

Pls help if u know what I’m tryna say

Hi There!

In order to assist you better please include the following:

  • Device
  • OS (Operating System)
  • IF version

I have an iPhone 7 and I have iOS 12.1.1
I have my IF up to date

Please Help help help

Try uploading the video to YouTube then post the link to the video here.

Okay thanks!

In the meantime, look over this topic

Look over this and determine if your settings match the ones specified below.

iPhone 7

Rendering Quality : High
Rendering Resolution : High
Texture quality : High
Anti-Aliasing : On
Limit framerate : Off
Airplane Count : Very high
GeekBench Scores : 3379 / 5495

Notes : Extremely good device to run IF.

One recommendation is to restart the phone reguarly before every flight to ensure you don’t have any lag.

Thank you i’ll Try restarting it I will upload video later and show you since I’m still at work

Probably because you’re panning over a wide area of high quality textures… it’s a little taxing on your device. iPhones can lag you know 😉

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Oh ok but :((( sad

So are you satisfied now?

Before every flight ensure that:

  • You restart your phone.
  • Close all background apps as that also generally causes lag.

Still having the issue wtf… I updated my phone to latest update and even re installed IF can u guys try it? And see if it does it? Help

Hopefully this won’t delay the release of the new replay system

Well idk if everyone has it or it’s jsut because of the new update this wasn’t like this before the update

This might be the same issue you have. There is nothing really wrong with your phone, but as you were flying an aircraft with a high LOD (Level of Detail), the 737, the freecam was lagging up a bit.

(Video by @Nate_Schneller)

Also reproduceable on live

(Video by @Nate_Schneller)

Yea I think that’s why thank you! @anon7075715 but it also happens my the 747-8 I tried it with does it also have LOD? and can you name the aircrafts that don’t have LOD?

I’m sure aircraft like the CRJ, 787, TBM-930, A-10, 737, MD-11 and DC-10, C-130 and the A320 Family have a high LOD, meanwhile aircraft like the A330, C172, 767 & 757, A380 and aircraft not touched before Summer 2016 (787 update) have a low LOD.

Meanwhile for the 747-8, it has a standard LOD setting it at a bar higher than the C-172, but Lower than the MDs.

Really, all aircraft have a LOD, it’s just that some have the bar set higher on them than others.

I have found the solution lol Go to settings for anyone having the same problem go to settings and turn off limit frame rate

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