Replay Mode in Live (After finishing flight)

I think that there should be a way to replay your flight in live mode. I know that this wouldn’t work if someone used replay mode during their flight, because when they press the live button, there plane would appear out of nowhere. So I thought, what if we can re-watch our flight after we end our flight.

Maybe there could be a button to replay the flight on the XP/summary screen after you end the flight. I think this would be an awesome feature in Infinite Flight and would benefit everyone.

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So after we hit end flight and we see our XP is when we would see it?


Yes, I think that would be the best place to put it.


Okay. I like the idea. There are times after I land that I want to see what and can improve on. Same with takeoff.


I would like to see a summary of the flight. Not the whole flight, but clips from it that the app thinks are the best parts. Such as takeoff, landing, and nice views. Otherwise it would take up tons of memory, especially for long flights.


I agree. I think recording the entire flight might be pointless, especially on a long flight.

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Yeah, kinda like those highlights reels on Mario Kart 8.


This sounds great! would love to have it in the game to see my landing performance

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I would like to have this because the built in Apple screen recorder only records up to about an hour.

Yeah and also it takes up way to much space. The in-game recorder would only take up space if you choose to save it.

I like this idea.

Maybe have the replay button active only when on the ground and with engines off?

So ideally after the flight and taxi to the ramp, we can shut down our engines and watch the replay.

Yes, and store the flight In something similar to a demo file.

It’s cool. I flagged my old topic to be closed since it was from July of 2015. This one is newer and actually has votes…

I would use this for taking some great formation flight pictures after I focus on the formation flight.

Why do people scan every bit of the forum for some sort of duplicate, if it’s from 2015 don’t bother, just focus on the current topic…


Yeah some of the topics might have been closed without any realization done and new members cannot comment or put votes on the topic.

However I agree with the idea on this topic and my vote has been given! :)

Not a bad idea but will be hard for the devs to do something like this tbh

Would love to see this. Great for analyzing a landing.


It would actually be great for those of us who like to take live photos, but simply can’t. Awesome idea!