Replay mode bug

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Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.2 (465)

Device Information

Samsung Tab S3
Android 9


when I go to replay to see the flight, when I went to see my takeoff, the plane started to go down below the earth and then normal again, I have a video as proof

Steps to reproduce

  • exit IF
  • relaunch it
  • open replay mode
  • _see the replay mode again

Expected iexpected it to be solved

Actual results

it didnt solve anything

More Information

Here is the link for the video.

Is this an issue with just this replay? Can you reproduce this behaviour on others?

it happened in others just seeing the plane takeoff, and then it goes down the earth and up again.

Did you have connection issues while you were taking off?

Everything was good the live servers were good, and my internet is fine haven’t had a problem with it.

So just to be clear. You have the issue on multiple replays?

Yes, it is in multiple replays.

Can you share one of the affected replays using and I’ll try and repo.

Ok I’ll do it now

Maybe do it later just realized dont have much time.

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Hey i have uploaded another replay file, i hope i did it right. but the descrip[tion is something about a problem with IFC, doesnt make sense but i have uploaded the file.

Can you share the sharing code please? or I can’t see it


I think its that

Hi, may I ask, were they made in Solo, and if yes, did you pause the game at the moment the problem occurred?
If it’s another yes, then it’s something that has been since the beginning

Hey, 2 were in solo and 1 was in multiplayer, but during the beta, I have way more flights when there was no beta, and no it was not paused when the problem occurred.