Replay mode bug

Hello everyone! First of all, I hope you are all doing well and healthy.

I was trying to view a replay file of the EDDT IFATC event a few weeks back, but this happened. I restarted the app a few times and the same error seemed to be occurring.

When I tap on the timeline at the bottom, nothing works either.
I hope someone knows how to fix this!

Thanks very much in advance,

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This is also happening to all my other big replay files


The first thing I would do is to check your device storage, if its full try to clean it a bit
Then maybe clear cache would work

There is a chance that you replay is corrupted and you will not be able to recover it

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Are there any Solutions for this.
It also happend to as well when I wantet view a replay of a flight I flew from WSSS to YPPH in a Singapore A330.
It sended me into space 50 000 000ft above ground.

Well I think this is a known issue, expect a hotfix soon!

I cleared my cache and device storage is fine, but I think I lost all of my big replay files😢
Hopefully we can expect a fix for this soon?

Thanks very much though,

This is usually caused by longer pauses in the session causing disconnects and corrupts the file.