Replay mode bug?

I was trying to make a video and then this happened it’s always been like this ever since like the past 4 or so updates it keeps glitching when I go on replay mode and follow the plane with the camera is there anyway I can fix this? If it’s about my storage I have well over 100 gigs left if it’s my apps closing and such I have already closed and tried everything I’ve even reinstalled and deleted IF logged out of my google account and closed the app many times I’ve also cleared cache everything it’s still does it turned off limit frame rate anything in the settings that can be turned on and off please help it does it on every plane if it’s because of the detail of the aircraft I’ve tried on Cessna it does it as well

Try lower the Quality (High, Medium, Low)

It still happens lowest possible from ugly graphics to good graphics it’s either my device or it’s a bug

Could u try doing it ? Because then I’m gonna request a feature to fix bugs try going on solo mode and fly a plane below 200 airspeed and follow it with your camera get close see if it does what it did to mine

Also if this is WiFi then idk I’ve tried my WiFi it still does it and I paid extra money just to check out if it does it on data and it still does!

What is the actual issue?

When he’s in replay mode and in free cam trying to keep up with the F-22, the plane looks as if it’s lagging (for lack of a better term).

I think that’s just the nature of free camera @KyleDepra. I just tried it on high graphic settings using the same shot and had the same issue with the plane looking like it’s lagging on free camera as I tracked along side of it. Maybe try either a different camera view or turn the replay speed down by clicking “slower”. The slower you go, less laggy it looks on free camera.


@Nate_Schneller might know a better technique, but I’m also aware that magicians don’t like to give away their tricks. 🤫

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The shaking actually comes from your FPS setting. If you set it at unlimited, the shaking may still show but significantly less.

Ah ok will check it out then

How does this make sense?? If he’s in replay mode, he’s not actively flying the aircraft.
It’s not a calibration issue, perhaps read the post properly next time 🙂

It’s still happening maybe this is because of my connection? Or not cuz I’m alone -.- pls help or is this unfixable unless they the developers fix it

This is kinda annoying I can imagine live replay mode then if they release it it’s gonna be bad

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