Replay mode bug: displayed data gone and unable to close replay


Was playing around with the great update replaying some patters I had just flown at LFPG on Expert with an A330 DLVA.

I was viewing a replay for about 5-10min (maybe longer but time - literally - flies in IF).
I took about 5 high def pictures.
After doing the last one, the percentage indicator did whatever it’s supposed to do (the picture process is really random if you ask me lol) and screen came back on my plane. All normal so far.
But unlike the previous times, the screen was showing the view only and none of the data or functions buttons.
I tapped almost everywhere on the screen but it did nothing.

It didn’t look like it was frozen because I was able to use the home button on my iPad and to do whatever else I wanted outside or IF.

When going back into IF it would show the regular screen offering me to resume replay or quit. When selecting resume, I would end up with the same thing: no data nor buttons and impossible to modify the view (as if my touch screen wasn’t working).

I wished I had taken a screenshot but really all you would have seen was a picture of a plane about to land.

I hope this helps! Not a big deal at all as I was able to relaunch my replay after quitting.

Funny enough when you pause the replay the engine’s fan keep spinning. I may have red somewhere that it was considered something to be fixed but quite frankly, I love it!

Thanks all devs for the great job!

@Chris_S as discussed.

I see that you said tapped the screen. Did you hold your finger on the screen for a few seconds at all by chance? Also what device and operating system do you have. It will help the team review this further.

Hi @Levet!
I don’t recall doing that but that would typically be the kind of things I would naturally do in such case so it’s very possible that I did.

If ever this happens again i’ll Make sure to do it.
As a side information I had to background app running and my iPad is fairly new (2 months) and has most of its memory available.

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Thanks for the update. Including which iPad (Pro 10.5 or 11”…) and OS (12.1.2 or 12.1.4) would help us. It’s easier for the team to replicate your setup if we have that info ;)

Sorry for my late response.
It’s an iPad 2018 (model MR7K2LL/A, version 12.1.4 (16D57). It isn’t the pro. I bought it just for If so I went with the low price option :)

Can you replicate this yourself again?

Keep in mind tapping the screen and holding it down on the centre area ie not the hud or other information areas will result in it disappearing. To bring everything back you have to repeat this process.

Yeah I think you guys were right. I just retried and I guess that’s exactly what happened lol.
Sorry for the waste of time. I noticed though that it’s not only by placing your finger to the right of the screen. It’s pretty much anywhere right?

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Yes that’s correct, tapping anywhere on the screen where it shows your flight will do this. Glad that there is no issue though, and you haven’t wasted anyone’s time, don’t worry. Enjoy the update!

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