Replay locking issue

Device:iPhone 13 Pro
Operating system:ios 17.2.1
IF 24.2

I’m having an issue where I can lock the replays, but once I lock them, it won’t let me unlock them. I’ve attempted unlocking them multiple times and resetting the app and it didn’t work.


Same thing for me


Same issue for me as well.

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Facing the same issue. Sometimes, the app also crashes when I try unlocking them.

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Same issue confirmed for iPad iOS 17.4, IF 24.2

Also, unlike what it says in the development timeline for existing users, the first time I opened my logbook it did not ask me if I wanted to turn on Auto Delete. Instead it was already on.


Same here and it deleted a bunch of my replays that I had been saving

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Yea same issue here. I was waiting for some to make a thread for this. Good to know I’m not the only one of many

Hello everyone!

We are working on a fix for this.
It’s currently an issue that happens when you don’t have enough deletable replays and it stops you from unlocking.

As you do more flights and reach the lower limit, it will be possible to unlock.


Did you reinstall the app or similar recently?

I had the same problem and all I did was hit update and then I looked at my replays and a ton of them had been deleted

Hm okay… that’s strange.

Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about that… apologies for that.

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I did not reinstall recently (or similar- what would that be?)…. as far as I know😊. But I did first start IF 14.2 under the immediately older version of iPad iOS, where I noticed the unlock problem and AutoDelete already checked. I then updated to latest iOS before reporting here.

Can it be fixed now?

Not sure I understand the question given that I’ve already explained it?