Replay issues

My replay is not loading, how to solve? (loading blocked)

Have you performed a soft reset of the device? If not, please do so. Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection.

You’re file is also 108.73MB, relatively big, so be patient.

Hello! Try restarting you device and app. The bigger the file, the longer the loading time. I have to be patient sometimes too. A loading time of about a minute or longer is not that uncommon for long haul replays.

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My internet is good! This problem has happened with long or short replays. the loading simply hangs and does not advance. And yes, this is a new device.

Can you try loading a replay that is a small file and was at an airport you often are at? Also, have you cleared your scenery cache recently? It is definitely not a fix for this but if you have cleared it, that could be influencing longer loading times, since the terrain has to be re-downloaded.

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the cache does not seem to be the problem, because yesterday I did a super long flight and the replay loaded normally … anyway. I do not see what to do, as the load freezes and does not advance …

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Hm, this is definitely beyond anything I know. Hopefully another community member or a staff member will be able to help you out.

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Alright, so I think your replay files are corrupted. This could be caused by you losing connection during your session. They can’t be salvaged.

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I just finished another long flight. I noticed that my connection was off for a few moments during the flight, but the replay carried normally and very fast, by the way. Probably the next or some future replay will crash on loading, and I still have no idea how to fix it.

Yeah, it must have something to do with your network. That’s the root of the problem, so until that’s fixed, I believe corrupted replay files will still be an issue for you.

Well, friend, I appreciate the help. But my connection is the same as before and I never had a problem with replay, and know that I do very long flights. Now I need luck for the replay to load or crash heheh

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Others have asked but I have not seen and answer. Do other replays work?

Sometimes a replay gets corrupted if you leave the app during your session. Sometimes it is due to other planes on the ground. Was there other people around?

Can you export the replay and share it with me so I can try?


Well, that started to happen coincidentally last Thursday, when I made the first flight with the new device (much higher than the old one, maybe this has to do, maybe). And then one or the other replay ends up crashing on loading, regardless of whether it’s a long or short flight, with a lot of traffic on the ground or not, but I want to make it clear that not all replays stop, but the one I’m sending you is the replay of an internal event of my group, and that made me very upset.

below, one of the replays that crashed:

I would recommend using this link to share your replay file:

Just upload your replay file on there and it should generate a URL link. Copy and paste that URL link here and Chris can download the replay

I just finished a flight in my beloved Brazil, and another replay that hangs on loading … this time it stopped at 49% … is there no solution?

Can we continue in your other thread to reduce confusion? Thanks in advance! 😊

Continuing in other topic.