Replay issues with the Airbus 330-900 Neo

Hey guys… is anyone else having issues on playback of recent flights using the new update Airbus 330-900 aircraft? Mines literally disappears, only the shadow and lights of the aircraft are visible. However in certain view points the aircraft is temporarily visible.

Update hasn’t even been out for a day. Bugs are expected, give them time to sort them all out.


Yep. I know. Was just wondering if it’s isolated to me alone or there are others….if others I’d make an official report just so they know. Only want it to get better. Loving the update very much.

I didn’t run into this problem…Maybe try killing and restarting the app?

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Hi, are you able to consistently repro this issue every time you launch the replay? If so, please send us the replay file via


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Hi Laura. Happened twice after which it ran smoothly. No problems. Thanks.

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