Replay issues: screenshots

Everytime I take a screenshot during a replay, what it does is it gives itself a couple of seconds and the land/terrain acts weird before it takes a screenshot (even though it does a great job); it’s not a bug I would guess, but in the future is there a plan to make screenshots easier and more fluid? :)

Hey mate!

Could you possibly provide a screenshot, as I’m having trouble understanding your issue.

All you have to do, it press the Screenshot button in replay. I don’t think it can get easier than that.

When I take a screenshot, the terrain moves in different directions while it’s in the process of doing so…it scared me a couple of timesXD (this only happens when I’m on Replay mode)

I can’t take a screenshot because I wouldn’t be able to show the issue:)


It’s normal due to how the high resolution screenshot system is set up.
It needs to “zoom” in to certain areas to get it in higher resolution, that’s why it jumps around before it’s done.


Oh, nice. So that’s why (and my apologies about my earlier messages to you earlier); makes more sense now…:)


It has behaved like that since ever. I think it reloads / rebuilds all layers before creating a photo (@x4).
On iPad Pro it’s almost invisible

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Not far from the truth there :)


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