Replay Issue

I wanted to watch one of my flights… When i tap on the aircraft to show the flight plan (green line); nothing happens and the flight plan didn’t show up… I closed the app and opened it again after soft restart but no avail… Yesterday i tried the same flight and everything was normal but today it stopped working with the same flight… I’m using an iPad Air 3…
Any help would be appreciated…

Hey! The green line on the replay doesn’t come up. It’s just not a feature in the replay system at this time I think. Has it ever been there?

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Yesterday it was there and I checked my flight plan regularly as i used to do… But today it didn’t show up… I always check my flight plan which have been flown in the replay mode

In Expert Server it’s there

The feature still exists.

Is that on replay?

Yes in your actual session it’ll appear. Not sure if it appears in the actual replay though.

I’m talking about replay not in actual session… Suddenly it disappeared today

Have you tried filtering your aircraft in replay mode?

Yes i did but unfortunately without any benefit

Alright, I’ll try and reproduce on my end. Stand by. Very sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.

Thanks a lot mate for offering a help… If you want to reproduce it, you have to be in an online flight not solo specifically an expert server…

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Yep I’m aware. Opening up a replay right now. 🙂

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Without knowing 100%, i think this is due to us removing this from the database after 24hrs (it clogs up quite a lot)

I’ll check and have can have an answer by tomorrow, but I’m pretty confident due to the symptoms described.


I used to check my flight plans even in old flights… Is this a new action taken by devs?

It’s been removed for quite some time if I’m not mistaken…
You’re making me unsure, since we’ve poked around with this quite a lot lately and my memory is starting to fail me in terms of what worked before and what didn’t :)

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Appreciate your efforts… I asked because yesterday i was able to check it and i did… It showed me the whole flight plan normally but today it stopped for the same flight

And we’re sure that the flight plan is what we’re talking about, not the “Altitude” line?

Quick question, are you able to see the grey lines from aircraft when filtering them? It should display where they’ve been in their flight and their destination. Should look like this something below.

When you go to the flight in Replay Mode and tap on (Show Details of…); a green line appears representing the actual path flown by the aircraft…