Replay Issue

When I try to go and look at my replays, this happens. I don’t know what is the issue. All help is appreciated.

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your wifi is not connected properly please restart the app…

this has happened to me so that was what i did

if it does not work pls notify me and ill try to help!

enjoy and have a good day!

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Unless you’re me, no.
We have a public category for a reason :)


sorry about that… i meant like to ping me

This is what happen to me I’m very frustrated that I can’t look back at the replay

So how do I fix it?

Okay, we have found a repro for this.

It seems like when you’re not logged in, this occurs.
If you have an account, log in and it should work.

Trying to figure out how to fix this permanently in the mean time.

Sorry about this…


I have the same problem. I have an account but the subscription is not activated so I can’t log in. So your solution doesn’t work for who has no subscription.

I don’t have the Infinite Flight Pro subscription, is that the issue?


Partially. An active subscription would not be necessary, but an account in the app is.
Though, it should not be like this obviously.

Working on getting this resolved asap.


thank you for your hardwork

Well I don’t know if snitching is wrong by me, but I only have the button „use another account“ and „continue“ (which brings me to paying for subscription) and no button for just logging in

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I am still confused. Is there a way to fix this?

I am having the same issue. I cannot login as I don’t have an active subscription.

How do I log in without the sim forcing me to buy multiplayer? I still have my in-app purchases, but I don’t think I’m logged in.

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I have the same issue but before 20.1 update it didn’t schowed me this. Before 20.1. I could easily watch the replay.

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You should be able to login by tapping the top right where it says “Login”.

An account is required, not a subscription.
We’re working on fixing this. Your replays are safe, just not accessible for the time being.

Unfortunately when I press “login”, it brings me to this…

And if I press continue, it takes me to this screen.

I’m not trying to buy a subscription, but it seems that in order to go back into my account, it tries to make me buy the subscription instead of just logging in.

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Click on the other button not continue. Look at the picture it might help you.

You have to use the same account as before.

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I am still confused. How do i fix it?!