Replay issue

Why do all my replay videos start off with no wheels and then just lag out?

I was trying to watch old videos but it just does this every time

Old videos are slightly glitchy this is a known issue I believe!
Cign :D

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Oh okay. Is there any way to watch the old videos then? The file is about 2 months ago so it’s not too far out

Unfortunately I do not believe so… unless you screen recorded it at an earlier date!
Sorry for the inconvenience!
Cign :D


Aw okay. Thanks for the help though!

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Hi there. I’m sorry that you’re having this issue. In regards to this, other users have reported similar issues and it’s certainly not an specific to you. Below I will leave the most probable cause of this and what you can do in the future to help prevent this. Hope this helps and feel free to PM me with any questions! Stay safe!

  1. There may have been a disconnection during the time you flew. Yes you won’t be able to solve that for this replay, but to potentially avoid it in the future, you can clear the scenery cache and restart your device every so often.
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In addition to what @Z-Tube said, I believe that any time your display bar is orange, that means it was disconnected, so this will apply to all other replays with the orange tag :D

I can confirm, if you disconnect your name will go orange. That can explain some alien behaviour but mabey not the gear up on taxi… I think that one is corrupt.

The same thing happened to me

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