Replay Issue

Today, I went to go review a replay for reasons and I noticed that despite fully loading, the aircraft would not appear and the status bar at the bottom wouldn’t move.

I managed to get the status bar to move by tapping on the messages, but other than that it wouldn’t budge.

IPad Pro, 2017
Latest IOS

I think it just crashed try to close out the app and then restart it.

Sorry, forgot to mention I already did that 😬

It’s the same for other replays as well.

Did you try to tap the globe on the bottom right?

That doesn’t function properly either. I’m trying to get planes to show up in the map, but they won’t.

Ok that’s weird try to log out of your account on infinite flight then log back in.

Nope, still doesn’t work.

I’m sorry I’m out of ideas try to message the moderators

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@Chris_S (sorry, you’re the only mod online 😂)

Does this happen with all of your replays or just this particular file?

I’ve tried this one and two others. One wouldn’t load completely at all.

I know that you mentioned before that you restarted the app but is there any change if you close the app and then fully power down you device, wait a minute then reboot the device and relaunch IF. Let’s have you try this.

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Still not working.

Hm… just tried opening a replay from a flight rather than ATC, and that’s working just fine.

Okay, I just talked to Chris S and he said that he’s seen this issue before. It may be a connection issue. Try resetting your router. Make sure you close the app and relaunch once the connection to WiFi restores.


It doesn’t appear to be a connection issue. I restarted my WiFi, and speed test says I’m running at around 30mbps, which usually works. I’m also able to access flight replays. This seems to only be affecting the ATC replays, for whatever reason.

Hmmm, welp, worse case scenario you could backup your replay files and try a reinstall but that’s last resort in my opinion.

Mind if I try opening the file?

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Sure, give me a sec

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