Replay issue

I am trying to watch a specific replay and the plane falls through the ground as soon as the replay loads. I also can’t go backwards. In another replay, the planes just disappear at a certain time and I can’t go backwards again. What is going on?

Can you export the replay? It would greatly help us if we can analyse any issues from there.

You want me to send the replay?

This happens when the replay loads.

How was your internet connection during the flight?

Some tips from similar topics:

  • Restart the app
  • Ensure you have a stable connection
  • Exit and reenter the replay

But everything worked before. I never had that before. I tried restarting the app and reentering the replay but nothing works.

Try exporting the actual link to the replay.

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Here is the replay @SimpleWaffles.

I have no idea if this would work, but have you cleared scenery cache, close app, and restart device and load back into the replay? Now again, if this is useless sorry

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It didn’t work for me on a clean brand new install.

Sorry but it doesn’t work. Good idea though.

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@schyllberg, I have tried everything that other users said to do but nothing works to solve this issue. The replay was perfectly fine before so I don’t know why this issue suddenly popped up out of nowhere.
Do you have an explanation for this issue?

The replay is corrupted. Clearing cache or reinstalling will not work. There is no way to recover the flight.

We have seen this once or twice before and are investigating the cause.

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So I have to delete the replay?

This also happened to one of my ATC replays. All airplanes just disappear at one point and then the replay stops and I can’t resume it or move forwards/backwards. I have no idea why it happened, I wanted to make a timelapse from the session but looks like I can’t, I sent the replay to other people and the planes also disappeared to them at the same time.

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You don’t have to delete it. There’s no way to recover that replay is what Chris is saying, but you probably should delete as there’s no point having it stay there and wasting your storage

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