Replay issue (v.20.3)

Good day IF community, I trust everyone is coping during this period.

After the v.20.3 update, I’ve been experiencing issues with the replay feature
It goes from certain replays not loading to having issues with the different cameras

For example, I’m unable to move around with my “Free cam” it stays attached on the plane.

I’ve restarted my phone and the issue was still present and I deleted the application and re-downloaded it and after a few flights, I’m still unable to view the replays of those flights

Thanks very much

There is more than one free cam. There is a locked free cam and a unlocked free cam. You might be using the locked free cam that can with 20.2

That’s not the case here, I was using the “Free” cam and not the ones that stay attached whilst being moved around

Well I have neve seen this bug before. Would you mind sending a video?

Sure, if I can load the replay LOL

I loaded into a replay and it successfully loaded and the free cam worked… Not truly sure how this is working

From when the update released I was struggling but now I think it might be working.

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