Replay is not loading

Hello IFC,

So today I did a 5 hour flight from ksfo to kfjk. When I finished, I clicked on my replay and it started to load at a steady rate. Once in hit 99% it just stops. I tried reloading it several time as well as rebooting my ipad and got no luck. If someone could help me with this that would be great.

Can you please share your replay file?

Sometimes it takes a little bit of time to finish loading depending on the level of traffic. How long did you wait?

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About 10ish minutes on the first and last time.
I don’t know how to share my replay

There are a few ways to do this. The one that we suggest using is through Share My Infinite Flight. Below are a few helpful links to get you started. Simply click on the blue letters to redirect you to their prospective topics:

Option #1

  1. Managing Replays - Find your replay with ghosting and export it to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox or another means of file sharing.

  2. Share My Infinite Flight - Then upload the file through this website. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Option #2

  1. Another option would be to share your replay through Google Drive or another file sharing service. Please make sure that the link you send is public. If the file is private I will be unable to access the replay for review.

I uploaded it

Can you share the link please?

The link

Thank you very much. I am experiencing the same issue on my device. Let me do some more digging and myself or someone else will get back to you on the issue.

Thankyou so much.
Let me know if you solve it.
Good luck

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