Replay into iMovie

I was wondering if anyone knew how to take a IF replay and put it into iMovie?

The only way I know, is to screen record the replay and put it in iMovie there

I don’t think that I have the storage to screen record 11 hours of a flight…

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That’s the only way. Replay files are not recordings, they are seperate files which can only be viewed in Infinite Flight.

I still don’t know why IF doesn’t let you save replays to your camera roll

Because they are not recordings. You can’t just store it to your camera roll, they are a separate file which can only be viewed in Infinite Flight.

so theres no way

what about the website its like share my flight or something…

Replays are saved to your device as a log of your flight data. They essentially are a recreation of your flights based on the data sent through the servers. They are not stored as a convertible replay file, more as a scenario you can manipulate to your wishes.

Unfortunately it is impossible to export them as a MP4, your device simply recognises them as a binary file.

Share my replay simply allows you to share your file with other people so they can download it and view it to their hearts content. Recording 7hrs worth of long haul footage at 1080p at a reasonable frame rate would use up ridiculous amounts of storage on your device.

ok well thanks for the help
stay safe,

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You can plug your device into a computer and use the software on the computer (I use an iMac desktop and on that has a built in recording software called quick time player)

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