Replay interface disappearing

If this has already been asked and solved, please send me a link but I haven’t seen one like this so I’ll ask anyway

When I’m on replay trying to get good pictures, after about 5 minutes of being on it, using the free cam and adjusting my position in the flight, the whole interface dissapears. Nothing I can do on it, not even leave. I have to shut down the whole app and start it again. When trying to get pictures from a long flight this issue is worse as I have to wait for the whole 10 hours to be processed again. If anyone has any idea how to stop or fix this, please let me know. Thanks

Press and hold the screen for three seconds to get the UI back on. It’s just a feature for the replay. @FlightFinite


That simple, wow. Thanks for that! Really helpful!

No problem, I had a problem with this before. 👍

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So did i. thanks