Replay in solo?

So I was watching the new tutorial and I saw a little arrow in the left bottom of the the app, is that a “new” feature for solo mode?



It may be an admin feature or something on a staff build. They need to be able to look back to an issue during a solo flight so it’s probably just a feature for them internally. Reagan was running a staff build by the looks of it since he had admin capabilities in the systems tab so I also assume Tyler was as well on a staff build in the making of the video.


Wellll Nice spot! That is a very good point you have there.
Although this below is probably correct.


Probably, but I would love to see this in 20.2

i just hope what @infiniteflight_17 said isn’t correct

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I thought we could alreafy look at the replay from a solo flight anyway in the replay section, can’t we?

I just want to add that what I said is an educated assumption. Nothing has been confirmed or denied. It’s just a feature that would likely stay for them internally since RTM users already have a replay system and they need to be able to go back to issues mid flight.


@InfiniteFlightDeck You have to exit the flight go onto the replays and then you can see it

But i don’t like having to end every flight to see a landing

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It might be that the devs have enabled the ‘Back 20seconds’ option in the bottom bar as a convenience thing that is normally available via the pause menu in Solo?

Oh ok, I know I just never found a reason to need it straight in the flight. But I know what you mean


Its would be a cool one touch shortcut when trying to grab screenshots etc… time will tell I guess!

Also…more info on the status bar ;) - 10 panels - we currently only have 7…


I hope it comes back

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Hopefully, it would be cool!

Devs:Why you guys always focus on the status bar
(makes me think of the VNAV leak lol)


Lol, that’s true 😂

that was an older feature on IF you use to be able to do that until they made the new way to watch the replays C:

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huh? I dont see anything.

That’s the symbol they used for the old solo replay mode before they introduced the new replay system.

However, as stated above, it is most likely a staff-only feature to allow for easier bug-fixing.

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