Replay in live

There should be an option to view a replay after you’ve landed/exited an IF live session. I often find myself switching cameras in the middle of landing, so a replay feature would be cool.


How do you replay something that’s live? That’s what solo mode is for


EZ solution. Put a camera beside the runway just past the first marker & run a loop of landings during the Controllers Shift. Superimpose a time or Call Sign caption on the neg. Archive it in a new tab for IF Pilot/Public viewing then scub the tape daily. (You can call the archive “IF Comedy Central”).
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(Carriers film all shots & Traps in PriFly during Flight Ops. They maintain a PriFly flight Deck film library for reference, training and incident investigations, some aerodromes do the same thing.)


That would be amazing. Would be too hard for the devices perhaps to handle moving the aircraft and weather back a bit.

Long live the DC-9!

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In response to the thread that was closed as a duplicate of this- i really hope this does come soon :)
few people noted that in real life you wouldn’t be able to replay- but that’s real life, not IF!. Fortunately this isn’t real life :) - if it were you’d have nearly a dozen exams to tell you in fine detail what to do and an instructor to tell you whether you landed well- and you’d all have killed 100th of people in crashes and be on the news. If the aim is real life, you shouldn’t play without a medical either…have you all taken the exams and been passed by a doc? :) without a lesson section, you’re effectively flying without being certified! ;)

In real life, don’t plane spotters take footage?
I for one welcome play back after the end of the flight (rewinding and ‘continue’ from a point in the recording would disrupt those following - I purely want to review).

Also the point of live for some may be realism, others it might be the fun of flying with others, or to use ATC - or even to admire the visuals from multiple cam angles after landing. like autoland for me- I don’t use it, it isn’t realistic to use it most of the time, but happy to have it there for those that do want it- I have every right to just ‘not use it’ if that improves the experience for me (I just don’t understand any view that says ‘I don’t want it, so no one else should even have the option’ - that’s what creates segregation and causes half the wars in the world :p.

Sorry for the rant :p - I just read a lot I disagree with, as the tendency tends to be ‘It isn’t lifelike, it shouldn’t be an option’. Next you’ll be telling me it’s a stupid idea to want to land my space shuttle on live with atc mission control at London City airport ;) ;) :p
P.S I’m revising for my final accountancy exams and finding anything else to do - thanks IF! :p


This would work, as I don’t think people would mind if they couldn’t include other pilots in the replay.

Hope they add this…

I would also think this would help replaying your crosswind landing

This would be an awesome idea for correcting oneself for landings, I often wondered how my landing looked on live, especially with crosswinds!

got my vote, I always end up changing camera angles when recording and manage to screw up my landing and crash into the runway


Jesus Christ, I’m sorry, this has been the 2nd old topic I accidentally bumped


I would like this feature so that you would experienced cross winds for different views

I also hope this will become possible soon.


Good idea, sometimes i feel like i landed to hard but there is no way to check it :C.


The biggest problem is that in Solo it is accessible at any time, but that means you could be mid-flight, and then go back. In Live, you can’t be Lined up waiting to go, and you go to replay mode. It would be very hard to implement that, and at the right times. It just wouldn’t make sense. If it could sense that you’re in a parking spot, completely idle, then allow you to access it, that would be something different

It would be very hard to do. But I would like this after global

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Another option that would be just as suitable for me would be picture in picture/multiple cams. ie, you have HUD-1 on the main screen with a smaller window showing the tower cam. Being able to see my landings from two angles would be really cool and eliminate the need for replay at least for me.