Replay import not working

I read the read before posting and I didnt see a topic similar to this but I few of my replays I have shared and uploaded them to my iCloud Drive. Whenever I import them onto my device as soon as the plane spawn it slowly rises off the ground but gets faster and faster and goes into space and I can’t watch my replay. I tested it with a normal replay, it worked fine, but then I uploaded the replay to my drive, deleted it from IF, then imported it from my drive and when I watched it, it would do that glitch where the plane goes into space. I have an iPhone X. Ive tried restating, and clearing scenery cache but nothing works.

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Hmm, that one’s interesting. I’ll try it myself and get back to you.

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It worked for me. I’m not really sure what you could do…

This usually means the replay is corrupted. You can try to reexport and see.

I’ve done some more investigating and I see that this happens on some replays from the start when I go on to them, but it doesn’t solve it by exporting and re importing. Other replays will work fine.

Also the plane will spawn with the landing gear missing.

How does it work on ATC replays?

I don’t have any atc replays, I don’t usually do atc

Okay. How about you try something other than iCloud Drive? Such as sharing it via text or airdrop?

I can’t import it again on text it just displays a picture of apple’s file icon with the infinite flight app logo on it.

Yeah, I just tried that to no avail. Airdrop did work though, so does email. How about you try email?

With email I can import it but it still has the same glitch but with airdrop I can only send it to other devices and not my own.

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@Boeing797 I experience this issue when my Internet connection is not good. I’ve had a few connection drop outs lately, It doesn’t affect all of my replays, usually the ones I’m flying in not ATC replays.

My internet connection is usually good I have a WiFi network

Method of transfer should not matter. As I stated before we have seen this before where a replay is corrupted. Sometimes I have seen this happen due to a connection issue during the replay recording process.

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