Replay Glitch

The video you are about to see makes it very explantory.

It flashes with lights almost looking like precipitation. I think it’s only reproducible in replay so go into replay and pick a certain zoom and move around. (Zoom in with free cam, and move camera around)

That’s weird! Are you only having the issue on this particular replay file?

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Haven’t check the other yet. I’ve only seen it start today.
I’ll try some other replay soon.

Ok, let me know what happens. If it only happens when you are viewing that replay file then it is likely there is an issue with the replay itself. However, if the issue happens in other replay files then there may be a bug with the replay mode.

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I think it’s just with the one replay I talked about.

It is likely to be an issue with the replay file. Can you try sharing the replay file to another device and see if the problem is replicated on that device?

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I’ll be able to do so when I get back home.

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