Replay glitch

Just wanted to ask whether anyone has experience this:
So one day I was going through my replays and when I pressed into one of it it loaded like normal until the plane started to float up, it kept on going up, even until I couldn’t even see the map. This happened quite a few time already, so just wanted to confirm it wasn’t just me. Thanks!

This happens while you are being connected to the server. It should return to normal after a few seconds.


You should change this to #support.

For my situation, it continued until I quit the replay

I don’t know how to check my Trust Level, can someone please teach me how it’s done and what TL I’m at right now please. Thanks!

Its the space glitch. Its pretty cool for photos and stuff. It happens only if you exit the app mid flight. However long you are off the flight: however long ur flying up into space.
Its probably going to be patched soon, the developers are aware of it :)

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A couple of my replays have had this happen, but I didn’t leave mid flight.

U might have lost wifi or data connection then…

This is usually due to a corrupted replay file. It usually happens when you have a connection issue during your flight. Sometimes a device restart might help but it depends on the situation.

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