Replay glitch

Hello IFC. I have been having problems recently with the replay system. Whenever I try to skip to a part of the flight, the plane disappears into the ground. I have already looked through other topics. They said that there may have been an issue during the flight. During each and every time the replay system did this, it was replaying a flight that I hadn’t paused in game or had internet issues.

Has this been a reoccurring issue? And have you tried force closing and reopening the app? It helps me when my status bar disappears during replays

Yes, I have closed the app and also restarted my device.
By the way, if this helps, my device is an Apple iPad 6th gen

Well in that case I’m not really sure. Often times it help to delete and reinstall the app but you’ll lose the replay unless you have it backed up

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Thanks for the help anyways. Maybe someone else knows the fix to this issue

I guess I’m out of luck

Have you rebooted your device and cleared your scenery cache?

If you send the replay to someone does it happen for them as well?

There are known issues with replays due to connection issues during the flight or leaving the app.

I will try clearing scenery cache

It seems to be working now, thanks!

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