Replay glitch, reoccurring issue

Device: Motorola edge 40
Operating system: Android 13

I need help fixing my replay! I’ve completed a 7 hour flight today and i want to see how i did on the landing but my replay is either corrupted or completely glitched. It’s stuck in like the first few minutes and I can’t gat past that. It is possible i was maybe disconnected a couple times while in cruise, it sometimes happens with my connection, however that should not make the whole replay unwatchable. I was 100% connected on takeoff, first 20 minutes of cruise and the entire arrival landing and gate taxi and that i am sure of obviously as i was actively monitoring my connection those sections of the flight and communicating with atc. Does anyone have any solution to this? It’s not the first time i have experienced this, but it’s getting really annoying

Hey there!

Unfortunately no, at this time, there is no solution to this issue. It’s just something that happens. I completely understand and sympathize with your frustration, but unfortunately, there’s no news on this issue at present. As mentioned in the post linked below, though, it’s on staff’s radar.