Replay frame rate

How can I get a high frame rate replay, which should look smooth.

Although in the settings it’s set on 60fps but in the replay its seems like 24fps or worse.

I don’t felt that when Im playing, it’s just on the replay.

Any ideas ?

not so sure, i dont have this problem
do you know how to turn on performance metrics?
if yes screenshot the performance metrics
its in the generals tab in settings
scroll down until you see it

It’s 23fps, my device is capable for 60fps output, it doesn’t appeared on screenshot

Moved the topic to Support as it is more appropriate.

Can you please specify what device you’re using, in order for us to assist you better?

It’s important to note that this is a target - your device will try to produce 60fps, but may not always manage to do so, due to various factors.

It’s an Android
Specially Oppo A9

Due to what aspects?

I got another device should I try on that, that is Samsung S21