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Hello Infinite flight community I hope you all very well !😁

I am launching this topic to talk to you about a problem of which I am certainly not the only victim. it’s about the replays🙂

By writing this message I am addressing everyone and especially the developer of Infinite flight and the staff responsible for replays of entry test flights into VAs (for those who have them)

I am a member of Qatari Virtual and hold a staff position with them. So obviously I’m also responsible for watch the replays of new arrivals in our VA, obviously following the rules imposed on me by my superiors

But this is a problem that is far from minor. I can’t watch the replays of the newcomers, I have absolutely no idea why it works for me

I talked to several of my friends about it before creating this topic but no one has the answer, I hope you could help me

For information, I play and I want to watch the replays on my tablet which is a Samsung galaxy tab s9 fe (I don’t know if this will be useful to you as information but it’s all I have)

I wish you an excellent week I hope to have an answer to this problem thank you in advance !🫡



How are you trying to view the replays of other people? This might help the team assist you

Hello, thank you for your response! 😄

everything happens on our discord server so when it comes to watching replays I receive them first on our discord channel then I just download it

but that’s where the problem lies. Once downloaded when I try to open the file it does not open I am told that “you do not have any application that can open this type of file”

I put a screenshot below for you to see more clearly 🙂

thank you again for your response and your help have a pleasant day!


What about opening it from Infinite Flight? Have you tried it?

I just tried sending myself a replay from Tablet to phone (both Android).
Once downloaded, upon tapping on the icon, Android does not recognize the Infinite Flight as an application which can process this type of file.
Instead, Sport Tracking applications are suggested (Strava, Relive, Samsung Health etc, where obviously the file is not supported).

However, starting from Infinite Flight resolves the issue

You need to go inside IF, go to the logbook page and click “import replay” (the download icon in the bottom left corner, to the right of the 3 dots) and then import them. You are unable to open them outside IF.

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the problem is that when I download it and try to open it they don’t suggest or let me choose an application to open the file

Please follow these instruction to import the shared replay file:

Don’t try to open it outside of IF, you NEED to go into IF and try to open it there following my instructions 🙂

ok I will try thank you very much 🤗

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I just did it, it worked, I managed to import the replay but the replay is not displayed, what should I do?

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After importing the replay has been added to the Logbook.