Replay files stuck in loading screen

Hey there. Just today, I went to replay my most recent flight and it got stuck in the loading screen. It starts up the replay, and I get a quick glimpse of the cockpit of the aircraft before it sends me back to the loading screen for endless amounts of time. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Devices: iPhone 8 and iPad 8th generation

Solutions I’ve tried:

Restarting app
Updated device
Restarted device
Re logged in via Google on infinite flight
Transferring replay files to another device
Uninstalling and importing the backed up replays.

Nothing seems to be working and I’m at a loss for ideas.


Just to confirm, does this happen on every replay or just one?

Every replay. I thought it was only one at first, but it seems to be every replay that is linked to my account.

So the flight is actually loaded, I’m just left in the loading screen. If I leave the app and come back, it brings up the pause menu and I have the option to control the time and weather. I can also see a fully textured view of the airport when I click on time or weather.

Based on some info the I have acquired by searching around, I think the replay file is corrupted and there is nothing I can not fix it, unfortunately. This can beclosed by staff now.

There’s the trick to this. Don’t delete all of your replays. If you wait a bit, click around where the pause button is on the bottom right. If the pause menu comes up, click resume and then rapidly click where the pause button is about 6 times and it should come up


I’ll have to give that a try, I’ll let you know if it works, thanks.

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I can’t get it to come up, but I have realized that touch totally works and I can look and move around, I’m just stuck in loading screen.

How long have you waited for a replay to load before?

10 -15 minutes

Oof, that sucks. My replays do the same thing as yours, except they don’t get stuck, they just load for a really long time… it doesn’t take 15 minutes though. I’m not sure how to help. Good luck.

Exit in and out of the app. You might have to wait a bit for the pause menu to come up

My replays average about 50MB, and take ~5 minutes to load, what about yours?

The one I’m trying to get into is 69.07 Mb. It was YSSY - KSFO

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Is it just the one or all of your replays? Because 70mb should not be a problem…

Give it sometime to load up and try the tick that I suggested above

I’m not sure, some work and some don’t.

@MJP_27 yeah, I’m just going to let my device sit for some time and then I’ll try it again, if it doesn’t work, I’ll just count it as a loss and delete the file.


I suggest what @MJP_27 said; just start letting it load then go do something else for a while… when you come back see if it loaded. I suggest timing it to see how long it takes if it does load.

Unfortunately, it was unsuccessful. I let it load for 3 hours tapping occasionally as @MJP_27 suggested. I think it’s corrupted.

I’ll count it as a loss and try the flight again some other time. Staff may close this now.