Replay files from 2021 cannot be played

I want to ask, can replay files that are more than 1 year old not be played back? , I experienced it, when I wanted to play a replay file that I saved in Google Drive for I turned it back, but it couldn’t be turned ,

Thanks !!

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I was able to import and play a replay from 2022 without issues.
However, sometimes, due to enhancements behind the scenes, older replay files may not be compatible anymore.

Could you share the replay file in question so we can check?

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Sorry, I do not know

If you want to check, please check Share My Infinite Flight

Nice landing!

I had no issue playing it.


Do you have to download the plane first into the game, and then go into replay?

How long did it take you to get into the game?

It loaded instantly.
No issues whatsoever.

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