Replay files format

In order to transfer & save replay recordings I would like to know what is the format of the replay files. I have tried to save some but it has been unsuccessful.

Do you have Apple or android?

The format is a .replay file proprietary to Infinite Flight.

You can export it to your local file system but you can only open the file with Infinite Flight. The file is NOT a video file.

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Thank you. So, the file system you referred to is within the IF app as well.

Apple, iOS 12.

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@Chris_S should be able to help yoou

Yes, he did almost inmediately. Thank you.

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On iOS one could do a ‘Screen Recording’ of the bits you need. That will save those bits as a video file.

Is it possible converting to Mp3/4 video format?

No it’s not.

You’d have to screen record while you played the replay and use that resulting video.

(I know plenty are confused by this, but the fact that it’s a data file has so many advantages over a video. You can go to the replay and look at whatever you want from any angle you want, no matter what you were looking at during the flight. As can the people you share it with.)


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