Replay files exporting to photos

I was wondering if replay files can be saved to a photos album on iPadOS. I have tried exporting a replay file to a “Downloads” file folder, and have even tried to compress the replay into a Zip file and nothing is working. Am I doing something wrong in the file transfer?


As it’s not a photo or video file, I’m afraid not.


Replays cannot be saved in video form. They are a file that is to be viewed inside the app itself.

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Ok thanks for the help!

Also, if you’re looking to share a replay file, here’s a website. ;)

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Your best bet is to save the files to your files app. This way, you can access them on all devices connected to iCloud and upload them to Infinite Flight on all devices. (If you’re looking for personal storage)

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Thanks! I will try that


This is one way to record a replay and add it to Photos:

If you don’t already have the screen recording icon in your iPad’s Control Center, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap the Insert button next to Screen Recording. Go to your iPad’s home screen and pull down from the top right to display Control Center. The screen recording icon is the one in a bullseye circle. Once you have the screen recording icon in Control Center, you don’t have to do this step ever again.

Now, BEFORE STARTING INFINITE FLIGHT, open Control Center, tap the Screen Recording button, and wait for the three-second countdown.

Start IF and run your Replay.

When finished, exit IF, and tap the red recording button at the top of the screen to stop the recording.

Go to Photos, and you will see your replay. Edit out the part before and after you were in IF, and what’s left is your replay.

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