Replay File Problem

Hi! I have a problem regarding my replay files. I’m flying on an Android, and because it’s not that strong, I prefer watching my replays on my iPhone XS MAX. However, everytime I’m trying to import them via Drive, the replay file just won’t open. Does anyone know how I can solve the problem? Thank you!


Do you update your drive or not?

Hi! Can you show us a screenshot where the file isn’t opening?

iOS vs Android does not matter. Sometimes a replay gets corrupted. You can try exporting it again and see if that helps.


If we were to hop into the terminal and compare the same replay files, one of which (drive.replay) I got from my ipad via Googe Drive and the other one (airdrop.replay) which I got via airdrop, the system sees identical file types (blue), but somehow the file sum (red), which is based on the contents of the file (so, for example, the name doesn’t matter) is different, meaning google changed something about the file

If we were then to load up both of them in a program that can read binary, for example sublime text, we see 2 completely different files.

Unfortunately, that’s where my theory ends, as I’m not that good with binary, so I hope somebody more experienced with it can find what did google change about it, but I would assume it is something related to file encoding.
For the time being, I suggest you give, created by the wonderful @ Chris_S, a try. I can vouch for it, as I myself got sent tens of replays via it from all sorts of devices during the making of the fan-trailers and none of them came out corrupted.


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