Replay file not working

Ok so im trying too look back on an old flight that i did (my first ever long haul) and whenever i go into the replay, it either just freezes, says im on the ground with no gear, or just shoots me through the ground. Its happening with 2 files.

Hello, by the sounds of it your replay file is corrupt. There is nothing you can do. Sorry.

Edit: I have had a look around on the form. This is an issue many are getting, as said by @schyllberg this should be partially fixed in 20.1 :)

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Hello! It seems like your replay file has been corrupted. This is currently an issue and it will be resolved soon.

Here’s one explanation from @schyllberg, Infinite Flight’s main tech support staff member.

Corrupt Replay File Important

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Well… You can restart your device or delete IF and then download it again. At least that’s what i would do. I don’t know does this work.

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