Replay file not being played

Hey,so the replay flight of my latest flight just won’t open… it’s showing loading replay, but it just won’t open,I trend sharing it to my other device,and isn’t opening on that either…🙁
Device-iPhone 12 Pro Max
Latest iOS

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can you explain more of why can’t access your replay?

can you share that replay?

for me, If there’s long loading at replay. I’ll just restart the app and that would work.

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Yes,I restarted the app several times,yet it won’t work,it hasn’t happened before,so I don’t understand what’s wrong…

Here’s the link below

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I downloaded the Replay and was able to reproduce that problem on my Devices OnePlus 8T it also doesn’t load

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Is this happen to the other replay?

If this doesn’t happen to other replay, than i think the replay corrupted and there’s no way to fix it.

also, Have you tried to restart your device?

Yes,I did re-start my device…

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I would say, if you think you rlly need to see replays, then reinstall. I had a corrupted file and I reinstalled and it disappeared . You might lose some data so make sure ur rlly sure you wanna reinstall


I tried this on my older iPad, restart your iPad, reduce the graphic and then try again. If your replay opens then you can read your graphic on high.

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Hello Brother. The question I’m going to ask you has nothing to do with what you mentioned in the topic: but let me ask you two questions?

1- What graphics do you use in Infinite Flight?

2- how does your iPhone behave playing IF off the charger? The battery drains fast or takes a long time to drain the battery

Because I’m wanting to leave Android and move to iOS maybe my next smartphone will be the iPhone 12 pro max. I wanted to hear from you, as you are an iOS user. Greetings!

I have a quick solution because this has happened so many times to me.

  1. Exit the app (don’t close it entirely, just go to your homescreen)
  2. Open it again
  3. It should be at the pause screen. Just press resume and enjoy your replay!

Should work because I also play on iOS.

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