Replay File Issue

Hello, I am trying to open a replay file and it won’t, i tryed another replay file and it also didnt open, does anyone know why?

Hey there!

How big is the replay file? The bigger the file, the longer the loading time - maybe it just needs more time to load

From your flight or a replay from a friend?

Is it an Infinite Flight file?

What kind of device?

Its a 17 min replay file, 1.81 MB

Ipad pro 12.9 inch 4th generation 1TB and its an infinite flight replay file from my replays

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Is the file from a friend or a replay of yours flight?

Its My flight

So does it load too long or…???

It doesn’t open

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Can I see a screenshot if you don’t mind please?

Try restarting your app and opening those files again; if it doesn’t work, then try restarting your device as well - it might just be the fix to it. It’s unlikely that both of those replay files are corrupted, so we won’t blame it on that just yet.

Non-Infinite Flight replay files aren’t recognized by the replay system.

Ok, I’ll be back in a minute

How long did you wait before you decided that it didn’t open?

Oh okay sooo maybe is it the graphics?

That’s why I asked for.

I’ve found that even some of my shorter replays can take upwards of a minute or longer to load.

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Still, same thing

Maybe its juste the scenery that have to download a little bit too long?

Like 23 minutes