Replay file issue

I finished a 17 hour flight (WSSS -KEWR) and the app crashed upon arrival at the gate, now when I’m trying to open the file the app is stuck on the ‘loading flight’ screen. As with most of my flights, the graphics quality was set to medium and rendering resolution was set to high, with anti-aliasing and limit frame rate on when the app crashed; but I set all graphics to low during cruise. Can I recover my flight footage, or is the file corrupt?

Here are some photos:

Device: iPad Air 2 16GB

Additionally: The app crashed because I was running Infinite Flight Assistant and Live Flight at the same time.

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I’ve had files like that before. It’s corrupt and won’t open.

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I think I found a solution. I shared the replay file to another device (AirDrop in my case) the file somehow opened.


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