Replay file doesn't load

Hi, for about a month when I try to open my replay file it doesn’t load, it says it is loading the replay file but it never loads, I can only here the sounds of what I am supposed to hear
Any one knows what to do

Is this one replay or all replays?

How long have you waited?
For me it usually takes like a few minutes to load

I can confirm this is definitely and issue on longer replays, as i have also experienced it just forgot to make a topic.

Do you have Pro? I experienced the issue while trying to load a replay from the time when i still had pro.
*note: it was available as it departed KORD
**note: replays of new flights done in solo work just fine

The same thing happened to me: tried loading it, after a while i started hearing ambient noise, and after like 2 more mins i started hearing ATIS, then KORD Ground, and eventually i even heard my Takeoff Clearance like 25 mins after the replay first started loading. It just remained on the loading screen, and i gave up at that point lol

Anyone know of a possible fix for this?

Hey! I was reading up about this problem after seeing your post, and it seems like a similar thing occurred with others too:

At the time, Chris the mod had suggested these steps:

and this:

Before you do any reinstalls though - it might also be a good idea to export one or two of the replays that aren’t working to and keep it handy, for a mod or staff to look at.

Hope this will be resolved for you soon!

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That didn’t solve it for me, it’s been almost 6 months without knowing if the replay will load. It is a matter of luck. :) It is a pity, as it is a service that I have the right to receive.

Delete all your replays, clear your scenery Chace, do a flight. Then open one up and see what happens

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