Replay File Corruption with Certain Aircraft(?)

Hello everyone!

Before I dive into the actual topic and get bombarded with replies of “this should be in support”, I opted to leave this in #general since it’s just a bug with some replays, and not something that impacts flying/needs a resolution.

The issue I’ve discovered is with replay files of a certain aircraft/livery. I’ve ruled out the airport, since I’ve flown out of said airport several times, and those replay files work just fine.

However, I have flown the EDDF-KLAX route twice, both times using the LH (old livery) B748, both times with callsign Lufthansa 456 Heavy.

Both times, the replay files corrupted after a while. wasnt due to connectivity issues for sure, since they viewable right after ending my flight. All this leads me to believe there may be a bug with the livery or the aircraft causing the file to corrupt after a period of time.

Also, another important note, all my replay files that I still have, some dating back to September 2019, are perfectly intact. Just these ones with the LH B748, and I’ve had similar issues with the LH A388 as well.

Just something the testers/dev’s can look into, not something that needs an immediate solution :)


How short of a period of time does it take to corrupt?

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less than a week, latest flight with the LH B748 was 31MAY20

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@robert_xing Are you able to send me that replay? Preferably via PM if you can.


sorry, I deleted the replay after realizing it had corrupted…😬

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Alright. If it happens again, don’t delete it and send it to a mod or Seb if you can. We’re trying to track down why this is an issue and the devs can’t start working on a fix until then. Thanks anyways. 🙂


will do!

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What do you mean by corrupted? I am not so good with tech so I don’t know what that means but I also have had some problems with replays

the replay will load, aircraft doesnt have gear, and immediately starts drifting off into the sky. you cant skip to any part of the replay, the file is just broken. nametag will show up orange

usually, it’s due to losing connection for too long during a flight, but sometimes bugs and stuff can cause it as well

I have had that also happen to me but the plane will sink down into the ground instead. Mine was on a United 777 though

Another file of mine just got corrupted. My lucky day. It was in a United 787x.

The same issue happened to me. I went to view the the replay file and the aircraft just floated into the air. Unfortunately, I wanted to go back and look at my replay files for an important reason and nearly all of them had corrupted. :(


Same for me. The replay will work for maybe a week or two and then it will be corrupted suddenly so when I view the replay, the plane spawns with no gear, starts floating away and eventually into space. Is this what you are talking about?

If you have a corrupted replay send it to schyllberg or a mod so it can help them fix this

Yea me too, I have many replay that I have tried to watch back but have that same problem where the aircraft either floats up or down…

Do you still have that replay?

We’re pretty sure we have the issue where it stops loading at x amount of %, fixed for 20.1.
This one with aircraft floating away is one that still eludes us though, but we’re looking at it.


I have had this issue once before, with the Dash-8.

It was many months ago, so I don’t have the replay. There were no gear and it just slowly started sinking into the ground in the replay. I was flying in heavy traffic that flight so I don’t know if that had anything to do with it.

What if the aircraft goes into the ground rather than floats away

I am pretty sure that does not matter… It is corrupted either way I would say