Replay feature on recent update

Quick question would it be possible to have a setting feature under say general to be able to choose whether or not you want to record your flight, because right now every time I fly live or solo, a file is created in replay and I don’t necessarily want to keep them so sometimes I end up a dozen or more replays that I have to keep deleting not to overload my IF app program

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Just delete it, because right now that is not a feature. Then you would have the trouble of needing the recording when appealing reports. I also wouldn’t recommend requesting this as a feature, because the devs are working on much bigger things, such as the A350 and potentially the ERJ-145.

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It is a double edged sword.

Right now the benefit of the replay is that you know its there. If there was an option, many people would have an issue/violation/ghost that can’t be researched because they were not recording.

The easiest is to just to spend a little extra time every now and then delete what you don’t need.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a toggle option for the ability to turn off replay in solo, but not being able to toggle off for live. Point five in my feature request below:

I have to agree with Chris here. Even presuming people don’t forget to record, you can bet there would be situations where “oops, I forgot to record but it was a bug I promise” and we’d be right back where we started.

I take about 100 screenshots an ATC session (habit, still trying to break it). It doesn’t take that long to just delete them. And it takes a whole lot less time to delete the replays from when I just spawn in for a second to look at traffic.

Cost/benefit is heavily weighted toward keeping it automatic, in my opinion. But that means I disagree with Tommy Tutone up above, so what do I know?

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