Replay extremely choppy

Hello, I make timelapses for my YouTube channel and lately I’ve been experiencing an issue where my replays are very choppy. I’ve been able to record long flights smoothly before but now this issue has caused me to be unable to make timelapses for about 2 weeks now. Is there a solution?

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That’s very strange. Can you send your replay file? It would be helpful to know if it’s still choppy for others, or if it’s a problem that is only existent on your device. You can use the link below to share it.


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I watched your replay, and it was running fine except for a bug that made your aircraft sink into the ground. This bug always happened after takeoff. But that’s the only weird thing I saw. The choppy video is most likely a problem with your device, you could try clearing your scenery cache and restarting your device. Also make sure not to leave any apps running in the background. And the bug with the plane sinking into the ground is something I’ve seen before, but it might prevent you from getting a good shot on your takeoff in your video.

@Skinate look in the cockpit 36 minutes in, the entire cockpit is glitching in and out.

Was this on solo @ThatDudeFliesYT?

Oh you’re right! That’s strange. When I looked at the cockpit about 10 minutes in, it was fine but now I’m seeing the displays switch from normal to the older version, and the rest of the cockpit practically disappearing. There is definitely something wrong with that flight. Is this the only time it’s happened, or does it happen on all your flights @ThatDudeFliesYT? Apart from the cockpit glitch and the plane sinking in the ground, the replay was quite smooth though. Maybe try turning on your interface timeout with the status bar and hide airplane dots/names for recording

I’ve tried what you have suggested but it still is quite choppy.

Yes it was

Is it this kind of thing?

No not that, the entire cockpit is moving/glitching back and forth. You can see it when you view the replay in the reply above. Does this happen when you fly on a live server @ThatDudeFliesYT then look at the replay?

I’ve never checked my replays on live. Let me get back to you when I’ve finished checking

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