Replay Export

How do I play my reply outside infinite flight like a MP4 or Video

Unfortunately you can’t, your replay isn’t the same as a video file and you can’t convert it

If you are looking to record a flight - you either need to record it live or record the replay.

Recording the replay is better because its easier to simply restart…

That would be great move if Infinite flight give us a option like that

Record the replay, hell no. What if I fly from SFO to TNCM.
First I’ve to fly for 6.5 hrs then record that flight for 6.5 hrs .
Just think about the file size.

Well you can record the flight while flying it (however that does put a fair amount of extra strain on your device so it may start crashing more often).

There is no other way to get a video file of your flight.

In my opinion the way they do replays right now is pretty clever, the file size would be huge if it was recorded as a raw video. Instead it saves information about where the aircraft was and what it was doing (along with aircraft around you) and then re simulates that when you replay it. That means it takes up megabytes instead of gigabytes and you can see every angle, not just the ones you originally flew. But that also means it is impossible to just export as a video, unless you replay it and record that.

Whatever you said that went 10000ft above my head

Instead of saving the entire flight as a video, it saves data that might be like:

At 0:00Z, the aircraft was at xxx coordinates going xxx speed at xxx altitude.

That data can then be passed back to the game which can simply put a plane at where the data says to show you a replay.


nice idea!

recording the replay means you just record the parts you want, that’s the beauty of the current replay system. you can scrub through it as much as you like, and record through any of the camera angles for either a short clip or a long video for say a timelapse

In terms of the savings of file size (data), it’s like the difference between hiring a specialist and a non-specialist to do skilled work for you.

Since the IF app is a specialist in reproducing its type of animation, you only need simple instructions to direct the animation details. It well knows how to fill in the burdensome bulk of the details. So, the large data size of the fill-in details don’t need to be described to visually reproduce the experience.

A video file in a non-specialist (data) and needs to be told every single element of the images to fill in, so the data image description size is huge.

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