Replay error

Does anyone has the replay error same as me?I hope they fix this for people who

don’t have an account soon

It seems that you just have a wifi or data problem. Check to make sure you are connected to internet or have data turned on… Then try again.

Can we have some device specifics?

Hi There!
I have been on a similar topic like this, and you might of had airplane mode on, or your WiFi has cut off, and as @Mr-plane-guy1 has stated above, the device details would be good in this particular situation :)

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@Alphadog4646 if you look at his replay you’ll notice the flight was at SFO (inside the coverage zone) and flown with a 737-700, so I don’t think that’s the problem… I thought that before I looked closer too.


I agree with @Mr-plane-guy1. You do not need a subscription for replays.

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Ok. I can see the little home bar for apple’s iphone 10-11 and iPad Pro. I think the divide is fine. It is one of the newer devices out there i am pretty sure 🙂