Replay error

Hey hey!
Yesterfay I’ve flown from ESSA to LFPG with a 737 from SAS and wanted to access my replay to make here @MarkONE see by the way. Idk if it’s from how busy was CDG yesterday, but today when I go to replay it show me I’ve done a 0:00 flight and I can’t load it while it show there’s 33 mb of package in.

I’ve recorded what it show me when opening the app but it seems I can’t upload on IFC.
Any help would be appreciated, many thanks!



You are in the log book by the looks of it, click back then click on the replay section. Let me know if that is it.

Edit: Sometimes IF shows 0 flight time but when you click on the replay it is fine.

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The problem with replay is that it loads until 100% but keep blocked with “loading-100%” but doesnt launch the replay

Then this is a problem with the replay file

@schyllberg could you have a quick look at that please buddy? Thanks


If the file stalls during loading, it’s corrupt. Can’t do much about that unfortunately.

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Does that mean it did not log his flight time?

No, it means the replay file is broken. Nothing more.

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