Replay Engine Glitch (effects all replays before 23.3 release)

Device iPad Pro 10.5 in

Operating System iPadOS 16.3.1

Seems like all replays which occured before the 23.3 release do not accurately depict thrust/engine sounds.

Immediately after engine start, it cuts to a certain thrust setting (sounds like approx 70% of max thrust) and stays there throughout the entire replay, no changes, until the engines are shut down.

This appears to be happening to all aircraft in replays prior to the release of 23.3.

Post 23.3 release replays are not effected by this.

23.3 Replay

Before 23.3 Replay

If you need more examples i have plenty, i don’t delete replays very often.


That is a known issue, caused by necessary changes behind the scenes.
It’s one of several differences between 23.2 and 23.3 that can’t be helped.
Thanks for reporting it though.

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Ok thanks!

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