Replay does not load

Most of my Replays don’t load! Does anyone know why this happens?

I can tell you that I won’t be able to help you but some more details will help the people who know this stuff.
E.g. your device, operating system and Infinite Flight Version would be some helpful facts to always name in support posts :)

Infinite Flight version 21.6
Redmi note 8 pro
Android 10
MIUI 12.0.8 global version
128gb Rom and 6gb Ram

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Ya, as said above I can’t give you any big insight tho a thing that should fix a lot of problems is to clear the scenery cache via the Settings on the app. If that doesn’t work then someone else will have to guide you through some steps

OK! I will try this! Thanks.

Unfortunately it didn’t work either! Still thanks for the help!

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